Get Rewarded for Supporting a Good Cause

Your referrals mean the world to us.  We work hard to earn each referral with great service and appreciation for your business every day.  As our way of saying thank you, we’re kicking off our new “Help Our Community” referral program.  We love supporting the charitable efforts in our community, so we’ve tied referrals and charitable giving together:

For every referral you get a $10 gift card to A Sweet Affair, Parma Delicatessen, or Starbucks

What qualifies as a referral?  A referral is when we are contacted for a quote from someone saying you referred them to us.  Don’t worry we ask on every call. 

Refer a Friend

Learn About the Adventure Therapy Foundation

Adventure Therapy Foundation is a nonprofit that exists to minimize the isolation, fear and broken identity in families impacted by cancer. Through cancer coaching and retreats we encourage families to confront those emotional side effects of cancer and engage in meaningful experiences together. Our goal is to break destructive cycles cancer can create for individuals and their families and friends.