Get Rewarded for Supporting a Good Cause

Your referrals mean the world to us.  We work hard to earn each referral with great service and appreciation for your business every day.  As our way of saying thank you, we’re kicking off our new “Help Our Community” referral program.  We love supporting the charitable efforts in our community, so we’ve tied referrals and charitable giving together:

For every referral you get a $10 gift card to A Sweet Affair, Parma Delicatessen, or Starbucks.  We then match that with a $10 donation to the Wings of Valor.

What qualifies as a referral?  A referral is when we are contacted for a quote from someone saying you referred them to us.  Don’t worry we ask on every call. 

Refer a Friend

Learn About the Wings of Valor:

Wings of Valor is a non-profit hunting lodge that gives disabled veterans the opportunity to hunt. The lodge is currently in the process of adding more housing to accommodate guests. It is the only fully-wheelchair accessible hunting lodge in South Dakota. Many volunteers and donors help keep the lodge going. This also allows every disabled veteran to visit the lodge for free.