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Every business needs insurance. But, what type of coverage do you need? In any industry, especially high-risk operations like construction, you’re going to need to tailor it expressly to your line of business.

On construction projects, you, your employees and clients are going to face risks of jobsite hazards, equipment damage and personal injuries. Let your commercial insurance help if a problem arises. Agent 2000 can be your guide in selecting the perfect policy.

What is construction insurance?

If you own a construction business, keeping your people and projects secure should be one of your top commitments. Use business insurance as a safeguard for when the unexpected strikes. It can provide you with financial help to recover from incidents like fire, natural disasters, injuries and more.

In many cases, policies will cover some or all of the costs of property damage or destruction. They also often cover personal liabilities, legal costs and risk management services. These policies can often provide very effective, wide-ranging protection, provided you have targeted coverage.

What types of construction insurance are available?

When getting insurance, every construction business needs unique protection. It’s never a good thing if you carry coverage that doesn’t apply to you. You might wind up paying for something you don’t need, while going without something you do.

That won’t happen with you come to Agent 2000. Our policy offerings are wide-ranging and include

  • General liability insurance: Your commercial practices could always hurt someone else or damage their property. This protection could cover the costs of injuries as well as legal fees.
  • Professional liability insurance: This is a specialized form of liability protection. If you give bad professional services or advice, someone could claim that you were negligent in doing so. Coverage can protect you against these claims.
  • Commercial auto insurance: Many businesses operate vehicles. Insure them with coverage that protects comprehensive, collision and liability risks. Make sure coverage applies specifically to the business.
  • Loss of income insurance: If you have to close for a time following a problem, this coverage might help you recover some or all lost income.
  • Builder’s risk insurance: You don’t want a construction site to experience damage. To protect project materials, get this form of coverage.
  • Bonds: Have a contract? A bond might help you repay a client in case you cannot finish your side of the deal. Special conditions apply when repaying bonds, so talk to your agent to establish the proper rules.
  • Workers’ compensation: Any employee could get hurt at work. In many cases, you must offer them workers’ comp while they recover.

Our team will research a variety of standard and specialized construction policies from various providers. With the expertise to recommend coverage to suit your risks, we will make sure you get all-inclusive protection at an affordable price.

Who do we insure?

Given the diversity of the industry, there is almost no limit on who needs coverage. We can insure

  • Contractors
  • Carpenters
  • Homebuilders and remodelers
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Handymen

And other licensed construction professionals. Agent 2000’s team guarantees that, with us, you can find the right policy.

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