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AGENT2000 Commercial and Personal Insurance Blog: renters insurance

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People who rent homes hold responsibility for a degree of the property’s costs and upkeep. You can likely find the instructions for your responsibilities listed in your lease. Some of these might not prove obvious, but all are critical to the property’s and your own security. READ MORE >>

Renters insurance can be a very important type of financial protection for those who lease a home. It provides peace of mind for those that may experience a fire, theft, or vandalism. When it comes to protecting your belongings, you need to have your own insurance plan. READ MORE >>

There are many benefits to having renters insurance. One of the most important reasons look into getting a policy is because it can significantly minimize your financial losses in the event of a liability matter. If someone visits your home and falls on the sidewalk leading up to your rented apartment, the risk may be on the landlord. READ MORE >>

Even if you find a beautiful, well-maintained apartment in your price range, it's important to ensure the property's safety before signing the lease. Take a few minutes to discuss safety concerns with the landlord. The more you know about a property, the more comfortable you're likely to be while living there. READ MORE >>

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