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Secure Cloud Storage for Important Documents and Files-   AGENT2000 recommends that you look into secure cloud storage service for your import Files, Documents, photos, video, etc. AGENT2000 doesn’t endorse a specific company. READ MORE >>

DOES MY POLICY COVER FIRE?   The fires in the State of California are on the forefront of everyone’s mind.  Several clients have called to confirm that they do have coverage for fire on their insurance policy.  We would like to put your mind’s at ease. READ MORE >>

AB 5, Also known as the Gig Economy Bill passed by the California State Assembly on May 29, 2019.  This bill will now move on to the State Senate.  If passed by the Senate it will go before the Governor to be signed.  Under this bill many workers who are currently labeled as independent contractors will now be considered employees. READ MORE >>

Everyone has different health needs. So, when looking for health benefits, we like choices. If your company provides group plans, you might consider offering more than one. Why do you need to take this step? Is it a benefit to the company? Generally, offering health plan options creates more choice and satisfaction among your employees. READ MORE >>

Unlike today’s sophisticated vehicles, classic cars usually do not have security systems attached. Nevertheless, they remain extremely, often excessively, valuable. Given that they often have a lot of bells and whistles attached, they might appeal to thieves. Yet, if theft occurs, that’s a loss to you. READ MORE >>

If you are in the roofing industry, then you and your employees work in high-risk conditions. The elevated positions and potentially-dangerous materials could put anyone’s safety at risk. Should a problem arise, you might have to tap into workers’ compensation insurance. READ MORE >>

People who rent homes hold responsibility for a degree of the property’s costs and upkeep. You can likely find the instructions for your responsibilities listed in your lease. Some of these might not prove obvious, but all are critical to the property’s and your own security. READ MORE >>

Protecting your property is a big step in securing your business. Threats happen at all locations, no matter the industry. Having adequate financial protection minimizes the potential financial loss your company will experience. Commercial property insurance should cover more than your business structure. READ MORE >>

It’s a rite of passage to have your friends over for a slumber party when you are growing up. But, once you are a parent, you realize how much responsibility you face during these events. You have to make your home a safe and inviting space for overnight guests. READ MORE >>

We all enjoy time on the open road, and none more than on our trusty bikes. Still, motorcycles are not for the faint at heart. They’re sensitive machinery that could cause problems if you mishandle them. Though many people ride in pairs or groups, bikers riding alone also make up a big chunk of motorists. READ MORE >>

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