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AGENT2000 Commercial and Personal Insurance Blog: farm insurance

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Protecting your property is a big step in securing your business. Threats happen at all locations, no matter the industry. Having adequate financial protection minimizes the potential financial loss your company will experience. Commercial property insurance should cover more than your business structure. READ MORE >>

Besides agricultural production, farmers may use their land as a hospitality business. They may rent their land for weddings, or allow school groups to visit during the harvest season. Yet, whenever guests visit a property, they pose risks that could affect the farm’s owner. READ MORE >>

One of the biggest trends today in farming is the organic movement. People want more transparency in the foods they eat. They want to know where their food is coming from, what is being added to the soil and how it is being cared for throughout the growth cycle. READ MORE >>

Farm insurance isn't always as direct and simplistic as it may seem. There are numerous types of policies, a variety of additional policy add-ons and various coverage options. In nearly all situations, farm owners need to talk to their independent insurance agent about the right combination of policies that are right for your needs. READ MORE >>

If you have livestock, you know that things beyond your control can happen to affect the health and life of your livestock—things such as floods, lightning, fire, sinkholes and someone stealing or hurting your livestock. Just as you have insurance to cover your house, equipment and family, you also need to have insurance for your livestock. READ MORE >>

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