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Rideshares, like Uber or Lyft, have become a popular mode of transportation for many Americans. They have also become an important source of income for those who work as rideshare drivers. Rideshare drivers assume risks as they take on these jobs. Drivers take passengers into their vehicles with every ride. READ MORE >>

Anyone who works in the construction industry knows the inherent dangers of onsite tasks. It’s no surprise that accidents and injuries are common in an environment that includes power tools and heavy machinery. But apart from the obvious risk of injury, contractors also face liability risks that could result in lawsuits. READ MORE >>

Tax season is here and according to new laws, working Americans must provide proof of health insurance to the IRS. Failure to provide proof of insurance will be costly as the "shared responsibility payment" is the larger of the following: $95 per adult and $47.50 per child, or one percent of taxable income. READ MORE >>

Life insurance isn't a warm, fuzzy topic, and some people don't want to discuss it. The possibility of a dying spouse may be too hard to bear for some, while others may also worry about the price tag of a buying a policy. Additionally, there's the worry that your spouse may not be as interested in buying life insurance as you are. READ MORE >>

Even if you find a beautiful, well-maintained apartment in your price range, it's important to ensure the property's safety before signing the lease. Take a few minutes to discuss safety concerns with the landlord. The more you know about a property, the more comfortable you're likely to be while living there. READ MORE >>

It's getting closer to the time of year when many people are squeezing in the last camping trip of the fall, and it's time to think about closing it up for the winter. To make sure you don't have unexpected surprises in the spring, do the work now to make sure your vehicle survives winter storage. READ MORE >>

If you have livestock, you know that things beyond your control can happen to affect the health and life of your livestock—things such as floods, lightning, fire, sinkholes and someone stealing or hurting your livestock. Just as you have insurance to cover your house, equipment and family, you also need to have insurance for your livestock. READ MORE >>

Motorcycles may be more enjoyable and require less gas than cars, but they’re also easier for thieves to steal. Luckily with a bit of investing, you can boost the security of your bike to make it an unattractive target for thieves. Just follow these motorcycle theft prevention tips to get started. READ MORE >>

If you're a new boat owner, you might not be clear about the types of boat insurance available. Much like cars, boats can depreciate, so a lot of boat owners decide to get coverage in line with the age of their boat. In some instances, insurance companies only provide a certain type of insurance because of the age of the boat. READ MORE >>

Do you want to bring your new boat on her maiden voyage? Maybe you have been boating for a long time, but you're searching for a method to spend less. Regardless of the situation, you will find that there are many methods for you to lower your insurance premium. Here are some of the best ways to do that. READ MORE >>

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