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Secure Cloud Storage for Important Documents and Files-   AGENT2000 recommends that you look into secure cloud storage service for your import Files, Documents, photos, video, etc. AGENT2000 doesn’t endorse a specific company. READ MORE >>

If you are in the roofing industry, then you and your employees work in high-risk conditions. The elevated positions and potentially-dangerous materials could put anyone’s safety at risk. Should a problem arise, you might have to tap into workers’ compensation insurance. READ MORE >>

Protecting your property is a big step in securing your business. Threats happen at all locations, no matter the industry. Having adequate financial protection minimizes the potential financial loss your company will experience. Commercial property insurance should cover more than your business structure. READ MORE >>

As a plumber, you work outside of a traditional office most of the time. In fact, your work usually takes you into some of the most private places of the home. Clients rely on you to complete their work in a safe, sanitary and thorough manner. There’s very little room for error, after all. READ MORE >>

A business owner policy, or BOP, is a common form of business insurance. Generally, it covers businesses for the most common claims that might strike them. It also often keeps costs a bit lower than purchasing individual policies. However, it must fit your specific goals to be  worth your investment. READ MORE >>

Professional counselors and therapists must maintain a high-quality business insurance plan. This plan provides safety to the professional from claims of negligence. In this profession, you are giving advice and guidance to an individual. If that advice is not accurate or fails to achieve the desired outcome, some may claim negligence. READ MORE >>

When selecting a commercial auto insurance policy, many factors play a role in the coverage you obtain. Policies can be written to provide a range of protections for you, including offering extensive protection for vehicles that you may not own outright as a part of the business. READ MORE >>

The construction industry is among the most dangerous, with the highest rate of fatal injuries. Safety should be the highest priority on construction sites to protect both your employees and the integrity of the project. The most common sources of risk involve falls, operating heavy machinery and the use of chemicals. READ MORE >>

You have the equipment, the software and the clients to start your photography business. Now, all you need to do is to pull together the right business insurance so you can safely open your doors. A photographer, even one working as a solo provider, needs to have ample business insurance to protect against many of the risks that can occur. READ MORE >>

Having a commercial auto insurance policy for your business helps cover the costs of losses you may experience that are related to company-owned vehicles. Throughout the year, your business faces many types of risks, which means, there is a potential to have multiple losses in any given year. READ MORE >>

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